We sell high quality vacuum cleaner bags to fit Eureka vacuum cleaners. All of these are microlayer bags and treated with BACTRISTAT to help inhibit the growth of germs and odor-causing bacteria.
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Eureka AA Victory Uprights 03 $ 4.95

Eureka B Canisters 03 $ 2.99

Eureka BB Europa Canisters Packaging changed by manufacturer.
Order style 'OX' bags below.
(Same bags - different name.)

Eureka C Mighty Mite 03 $ 2.99

Eureka EX Canister 03 $ 4.89

Eureka F&G Uprights 03 $ 2.95

Eureka H Princess Canisters 03 $ 2.99

Eureka J Canister (800,805,88) Discontinued By Manufacturer

Eureka K Canister Discontinued By Manufacturer

Eureka M Canister 03 $ 3.95

Eureka MEGA Bags Excaliber Canisters using 58624 Mega Bag 03 $ 4.89

Eureka MM New Mighty Mite 03 $ 3.99

Eureka N Mighty Mite 03 $ 2.95

Eureka OX Oxygen
03 $ 6.99

Eureka RR Ultra Smart Vac 03 $ 5.99

Eureka S Canister 03 $ 3.95

Eureka SL 782,785 03 $ 4.95

Eureka U Bravo, Powerline, Worldvac Uprights 03 $ 3.95

Eureka UB Ultra Boss Canister 03 $ 5.99

Eureka V Express Canisters 03 $ 3.95

Eureka Y Excaliber Uprights 03 $ 4.95

Eureka Z Uprights 03 $ 4.95

TIP: The style of bag you need should be printed on the paper bag itself.

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Only the highest quality Eureka vacuum cleaner bags are available from our company - whether genuine or money saving replacement. Count on us to get the Eureka vacuum cleaner bags you need shipped quickly.